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Reviews & Ratings for Resound Canta 7 in Hearing Aids
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Company: Resound Model: Canta 7
Title: Canta 7 digital hearing aid Year: 0
Rating (1=Low : 5=High): 5
Review: I'm a BBC-trained sound engineer so when my hearing went down, it was a shock to find how truly bad the British NHS hearing aids (anaklogue) were. Like a telephone! Our NHS now fits fdigital, amd my Canta 7 from Resound have renewed my social life. One probelm was it took 15 trips to clinic to get the settings just right. Despite very sophisticated design and computerised setting up, I found that in real life, with a lot of separate sounds going on, the total volume into my ear could become unbearable. Only got this right when I insisted on the reluctant clinician activating the Canta's manual option. I love music - used to record it for a living - so am glad to find the Canta has pretty good fidelity, good bass and as much top end as my ears can process (well, I am 60 now!). Sounds like internet music - good but not quite excllent - a bit grainy, but much better than the tin-can noise you get from a cheap analogue. If you buy an aid of any kind, be sure to ask for very full explanation of how good the processing is - there should be many separate frequency bands, some spectral enhancement to pinpoint sounds, noise cancelling microphones. Also check out what sort of earmould you'll be getting if it's a behind the ear type. Personally, I hated the rubber type, as I could hear my own voice like you do with earplugs, and that made me mumble! I read on their interesting website, research section, that a recent Resound Canta does not bung your ears up - they use an open bud. Sounds promising, but may take a while to reach UK National Health! Hope that helps.
Pluses: Massive improvement over analogue aid. Works in a crowd, is fine for music Minuses: No on-off switch means batteries get lost.
Suggestions: better control of maximum volume Suggestions: on-off switch

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