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Reviews & Ratings for Mercury 50 Hp Elpto (2 Stroke) in Outboard Motors
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Company: Mercury Model: 50 Hp Elpto (2 Stroke)
Title: Great fishing moter Year: 2007
Rating (1=Low : 5=High): 5
Review: Overall, the best mercury I have ever owned and I have owned 4 now. The 07 was a reintroduction by Merc to assist their package dealers in selling competitively. the 2 stroke mercs have a much better top end torque retention and far superior "out of the hole" factor then any 4 stroke. It runs 15 miles on about 2 imperial gallons (4.56 Litres) at 4500 RPM. WOT is 53 to 5500 RPM and it uses a lot more fuel but still not as much as my 02 25 Horse 25 merc. A gallon of injector oil lasts me about a month and a half. tilt and trim is powerfull and precise adding about 4 mph to the top end. the remote controls are well designed and rugged and have been the same since I bought my first merc in 1991. I reccomend buying a tach with this moter as it is very easy to over rev on a light boat when trimmed out for top end.
Pluses: Lots of torque, very fuel efficient (better than my 02/ 25 HP), idles smoothly at 7 to 800 RPM, vitually smokeless at all speeds, very reliable and quiet Minuses: Gear clacking on deceleration if done too quickly
Suggestions: clearer oil reservoir viewing glass Suggestions: more amps from the charger

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