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Company: Hague Model: Watermax
Title: Hague WaterMax Year: 1997
Rating (1=Low : 5=High): 4
Review: I recently moved to a new house which does not have a water softener. I had a Hague Watermax installed at our previous home. In my experience, it has been very difficult to find unbiased opinions about water softeners on the internet. Should I go with national name brands that everyone heard about or stick with a softener that I have used. Are the name brands better at achieving the ultimate goal, Soft Water? I can only comment on my experience with the Hague Watermax. In my opinion, the Watermax did what it supposed to do, provide soft water. I recently bought a hardness kit and it verified that I had 0-10 ppm or 0 grains of hardness. The Hague reverse osmosis (RO) unit also seemed to work well. We had the annual (and sometimes once every two years) filter changes and when the tech came out, he said that the unit was functioning fine. The water tasted like pure water (no chlorine taste) actually no taste and no odor. I think that is what most consumers are looking for. As far as the Watermax, I did have to wash the brine tank about 2 times in the 8 years we had the unit. The electrical component gave out after the 2nd year but Hague came out and fixed it for under $200 which I thought was very reasonable. The bottom line, the Watermax provides soft water and the RO provides tasteless, odor less water which is what most people are asking for when getting a home filter or softener. If you can get a Hague quote for less than the other well known name brands, then you should consider a Hague because you will get soft water and the service (if needed) is at a resonable price.
Pluses: Provided soft water, used potassium chloride, RO provided good tasting odorless water. Good service. Minuses: My unit would regenerate during the day even though it was programmed to regen at 2 am
Suggestions: offer a more stylish tank Suggestions: Lower the price to purchase the system

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