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Reviews & Ratings for Maytag Neptune Maytag Mah 8700 And Mdg 9700 in Washing Machines
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Company: Maytag Neptune Model: Maytag Mah 8700 And Mdg 9700
Title: Maytag Neptune MAH 8700 and MDG 9700 Year: 2005
Rating (1=Low : 5=High): 5
Review: I recently bought the new Maytag washer/dryer pair from Sears. (I'll get to Sears in one minute). Before installation, I was very skeptical from reviews I'd read about Maytag being inferior and what not. Regardless, I purchased the 8700/9700 pair. The washer in my opinion is the quietest washer on the market. The direct drive motor creates absolutely no noise. The only noise you might hear (if you're within a few feet) is the water being entered into the washer and the drain motor. I was like many new buyers, I was going on faith that Maytag had fixed the bugs that caused the class action lawsuit... And 3 months in, I've had no problems w/ any noises, leaks, mildew, etc. And believe me, we run approx 10-15 loads a week. You can load up the basket up to the top and not worry about damaging the washer. As cheesy as this sounds, the whites appear to be much whiter than my older washer, and most impressively, the max extract feature really works well. A full load of laundry will now take about 30-35 mins in the dryer. The MDG 9700 pairs very well w/ the washer. The noise from the dryer is considerably louder than the washer, but for obvious reasons: it tumbles hot dry air... But overall the noise is tolerable (if you have your wash area in an enclosed area w/ a door or in the garage, you won't hear much). For some reason, the first couple drying sessions came out a little damp, even though I had requested the the max dry selection. However, after running the dryer a few runs, it began to really dry it completely. I assume since a computer is measuring the dry level, it must've taken a couple runs to reach factory standards. The best part about the dryer is that when it senses the clothes are all dry, it will automatically reduce the drying time left, or shut the whole thing off, so you never get overdryed clothes. It can sense when you have a couple pairs of sock vs. a queen comforter. Overall, I was skeptical about the newly designed machines, but after using the machines for the past 3 months at 10-15 loads/wk, the investment was well worth it. I highly recommend buying an extended warranty from a major retailer. Which finally brings me back to Sears. I had quite the experience w/ Sears... To make the story short. Sears had to reschedule my delivery 3 times because Maytag was postponing the inventory of the dryer. So from the time I bought the machine towhen it was delivered was a day shy of a month. But during the ordeal, the manager gave an initial 10% off and after the second delay, another 5% off, with a $55 gift card from Sears Delivery. I guess if you complain to the right people, they try to keep your business. If you are considering buying a set, I at least recommend looking at the Maytag set since I am a very satisfied customer. Plus, on the website, Maytag is giving a $100 visa gift card when you purchase the pair. Take a look at the washer/dryer... here is the hyperlink for both: Since the articles I read here helped me make my decision, I wrote this help people who were in my position.
Pluses: Possibly the best washer on the market. Super quiet and so far so good. Minuses: Very pricey, but relative to its peers.
Suggestions: Suggestions:

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