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Company: Fender Model: 50th Annivers Golden Stratocaster
Title: 50th anniversary Golden Stratocaster(MIM) Year: 0
Rating (1=Low : 5=High): 5
Review: I really like this Guitar and do not have any manufacturer problems. It was purchased from musicians friend as a "scatch and dent" item so I expected some cosmetic flaws for the discouted price. I however figured since it was dropped (I would guess from six feet) that they would give it a once over to check neck alignment,setup,etc. at $20 an hour, I spent 3 hours, correcting these items. not to mention the previous owner replaced the strings(from 10's to 8.5's), screwing up any chance of proper tuning. The guitar however is now a "ten" plays, sounds and feels great. this is the 3rd made in mexico strat I have owned and the 12th strat overall. It would have been nice if the previous owner had replaced the pickups(with fralins or kinmans)than I wouldn't have to. the stock fender pickups are fine, I just know what I like.
Pluses: Bought as"scratch and dent item", emphasis on "Dent" Minuses: Bought as"scratch and dent item", emphasis on "Dent"
Suggestions: If vendor(musicians friend) would list items as Returns, Scratched or Dented Suggestions: correct size allen key...(minor)

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