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Company: Waterfurnace Model: Geothermal
Title: WaterFurnace geothermal-heating-cooling hot water Year: 0
Rating (1=Low : 5=High): 5
Review: Initial cost is high,but operating cost is low enough that it payed for it self in four years. Compared to my old furnace(oil forced air with added on cooling unit,stand alone waterheater,and a 175 gal. oil tank in my garage)it is sweet! WARNING input electric power must be protected from power surges and lighting strikes. There are alot of very expensive electronics in the furnace. Belive me,I found out the hard way. The only minus I have with furnace is the water heating part of it. Even with the water being mixed in my 80 gal. waterheater it still to hot. The hotter is outside the hotter the water,scalding is a very real threat(water temp at the furnace is set at 150 degree). I would think that the furnace installer could change this.
Pluses: hot water temp to high 150 degrees, risk of scalding real risk Minuses: hot water temp to high 150 degrees, risk of scalding real risk
Suggestions: Suggestions: A way to control hot water temperature

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