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Company: Dean Model: Entertainer Blk
Title: Dean Accoustic w/ built in pick-up Year: 0
Rating (1=Low : 5=High): 4
Review: What can I say? I really like this guitar. I'm only a back-porch player, but I do know that this guitar has a very nice sound. I would describe the sound as being a slightly soft and smoothed-out sound, not so much a pointy, puncuated sound. It is very flashy in design. It has beautiful Mother-of-Pearl inlays on the frets, and around the body, also with Dean Wings around the sound hole. The pick-up is very impressive, and the built in equalizer just adds to the options in your preferences. I like the Grover keys and that they are covered. (My only other guitars had open tuning keys which seemed to get alot of debris in them... pawn shop finds :) Overall, I would say, if you could find this guitar for $400 or less... You are getting a wonderful deal!!! I'm only a novice who plays for my children, or while sittin' and sippin' with some buddies, so, I will have this guitar for many, many years. If you are more into playing for audiences, then maybe a little higher quality will suit you better. Although the accent on the look of this guitar is well above par, the sound might be too timid for live entertainment. Thanks for reading, hope my inexperienced opinion helps someone. Peace.
Pluses: Price is a lil' too steep; Music store charged $35 to correct the action due to shipping Minuses: Price is a lil'' too steep; Music store charged $35 to correct the action due to shipping
Suggestions: Come with its own amplifier cord ;) Suggestions: Pick guard

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