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Company: Bosch Model:
Title: Great Dishwasher Year: 1998
Rating (1=Low : 5=High): 5
Review: At the time I purchased this Dishwasher most other Dishwashers had many features and options - no less than 10 buttons, where this washer has 4 buttons and one dial. For my use, dishwashers should be simple -- I mostly use one mode, and occasionally use the Rinse & hold, and rarely use the potscrubber mode. I don't know what I'd do with the half dozen other buttons on other models. This dishwasher STILL is an extremely effective cleaner, I haven't had any problems with it. I installed it myself, and it was simple, the instructions easy to understand. I liked that it does not have a built in garbage disposal - for me, it was one less thing to break. I am able to load dirty dishes (I don't pre-rinse my dishes) and have no problems. Occasionally a label from a jar will end up in the bottom of the machine, and it is simple to clean out - just remove the bottom screen and basket, rinse basket and toss any junk in trash. Functionally, it has a great layout for loading a variety of dishes. I like the open basket for silverware, it will load a large number of plates, bowls, and glassware. It has a special flip down 'ledge' for wine glasses, and for keeping light weight plastic cups in place. I have a wide variety of dishes, platters, and cookware, and I don't have anything that won't fit in the machine in one way or another. Overall, very flexible, effective dishwasher. Everything still works great - after 6 years of continuous use.
Pluses: Filter basket is awkward to take apart for occasional cleaning Minuses: Filter basket is awkward to take apart for occasional cleaning
Suggestions: Suggestions: Simpler cleanout basket design

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