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Company: Life Fitness Model: Lifecycle 4500
Title: An Excellent Piece of Equipment Year: 1997
Rating (1=Low : 5=High): 5
Review: I've heavily used this machine for six years. The newer models are similar, though the software (workout programs) might be different. As an avid competitive, cyclist, I set the bike near its maximum resistance level, and am able to get an excellent workout. The pedaling motion has a heavy, consistent feel, which enables good training in pedaling technique and provides comfort. For most people, the wide, soft saddle is good. I prefer a narrower saddle that doesn't restrict pedaling, but this would be uncomfortable for many people. The pedaling position is more upright than on a racing bike, but the "aero" bars allow for a respectable tuck position. The original rubber-strap pedals were awful and I've replaced them with a pair of BMX platforms with toe clips - an inexpensive improvement. The workout programs include hill, random, interval and manual settings. In my opinion, there are just enough options to allow good variation to one's normal routine, while still being simple to use and set. This machine does not include a heart-rate monitor, which I have no use for anyway. The bike is extremely durable, and its steel frame is very much like the more expensive commercial Lifecycles. Those machine employ a chain-drive system, while this machine is based on a belt-drive system. The belt system is more than adequate for the most aggressive single user (I average six hours per week in the off-season), and is much quieter. I've never had the machine serviced. However, I had a mishap involving a barbell banging against the machine's computer module head, and one of the LED's no longer lit. Life Fitness wanted $168 to repair it, which I thought was absurd. I was able to open the module, and replace the damaged diode with one I bought in Radio Shack for $2.00. Life Fitness also wanted $25 for a replacement owner's manual. Lifecycles are known to be of high quality, and indeed this machine is. I'd recommend it to the beginner, the pro, and everyone in between.
Pluses: Any service is very expensive, don't like the pedals. Minuses: Any service is very expensive, don''t like the pedals.
Suggestions: Suggestions: Replace the rubber-strap pedals with standard pedals with clips.

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