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Company: Takamine Model: En 10c(an)
Title: Takamine EN-10C(AN) Revue Year: 0
Rating (1=Low : 5=High): 5
Review: I looked for 3 years and played 100's of guitars to find this Takamine. The feel of the guitar I 1st saw it, I was immediately attracted to the antique dark brown finish. It gives you the sensation of having found an early Martin that was hidden away in some attic. The parametric equalizer gives you more than enough control over what type of sound that you want in any given venue. I have had zero problems with this guitar and would buy another if I could locate one. I use (THOMASTIK-INFELD strings. They are the best acoustic guitar string I have found for recording. They have deep basses, superb midrange and ultra clear highs. Do yourself a favor and pick some up or you can order them on the web at: I use medium gauge because I do a lot of songs that require finger-picking mixed with playing rhythm guitar. This gives a full-bodied sound for both styles of playing in any venue. Trust me, they are worth the extra few $$’s for them.)
Pluses: If you don't like the aged/scratched look on your sound board, purchase a clear/thin protector sheet Minuses: If you don''t like the aged/scratched look on your sound board, purchase a clear/thin protector sheet
Suggestions: Suggestions: Offer the antique finish as an option again

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