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Company: Fender Model: Toronado
Title: Fender Toronado Year: 1997
Rating (1=Low : 5=High): 4
Review: This guitar is MIM and no apologies are needed for the look and feel. Mine is sunburst with shell pickguard. One of the first questions asked was "is this product easy to use and I had a tough time answering that because it depends on what you mean "use." The guitar is very easy to play but very tough to tune. I have read several reviews about this guitar elsewhere that talk about the killer tone available from the two humbuckers and the four knobs. But they also usually mention tuning and intonation problems. Most reviews also mention that the first thing they did when they got the guitar was to replace the stock 9's with a set of 10's. So did I. I think most of my problems are the result of the heavier strings. The tuners bind. The nut binds. and there was not enough range in the intonation adjustment on some strings to get proper intonation. I have been messing with it for a year now and still have the problems. I am still not willing to go back to 9's though. I am planning to take it to a tech to see if he can make it 10-able. I think the tone is worth the trouble. My only other challenge is that the neck profile is so shallow that it flexes easily. the weight of my right arm on the lower bout will flex the neck enough to hear it in the pitch. I don't know what to do about that, but the tone is worth putting up with it.
Pluses: The axe was built for 9's and doesn't like 10's. The neck flexes. The tuning machines. Minuses: The axe was built for 9''s and doesn''t like 10''s. The neck flexes. The tuning machines.
Suggestions: Modern tuners, or a little better quality vintage style machines would be great. Suggestions: A little bit stiffer neck would be cool, even if it had to be a little thicker.

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