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Reviews & Ratings for Chicago Electric Mig 100 in Welder
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Company: Chicago Electric Model: Mig 100
Title: It works with a little prodding Year: 2000
Rating (1=Low : 5=High): 4
Review: The MIG 100 was very cheap for a wire feed welder. It isn't even a true MIG machine because it has no capabilities for sheilding gasses. It only does flux core wire. I knew this going in, but I didn't mind because I wanted the cheapest entry into welding just to make sure that I was going to keep with it. And I will continue to weld so my tenative purchase was well founded. The machine does indeed weld, and it can burn holes in 16 gauge metal, which means that it has enough amperage to get good penetration. However, there are some things that I am quite tired of: wires for the switch on the gun fall off on a fairly regular basis, the wire feed system often jams, there is no fine tuning of amperage, and the wire feed adjustments start at too fast and then go much faster. All of these reasons are why I'm looking for a new machine, but on the whole was satisfied with what I paid for; a very cheap flux cored wire welder.
Pluses: Many glitches in the wire feed system and very little adjustability Minuses: Many glitches in the wire feed system and very little adjustability
Suggestions: Better wire feed components Suggestions: More amperage settings

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