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Company: Cub Cadet Model: Hds2155
Title: Cub Cadet HDS2155 Lawn Tractor Year: 1998
Rating (1=Low : 5=High): 5
Review: I had a 1969 Cub Cadet with a '71 mower deck. The clutch finally gave up in 1997. That was an absolute treasure of a mower but it felt like it was time for something newer. While the newer MTD made mowers don't have the same rigidity as the old International Harvester units, they are certainly smoother, quieter and easier to operate. The Cub HDS2155 (HD is for Heavy Duty - as in transmission) has been great to own. It hasn't given me a moments trouble. The old 106 used to break belts once or twice a season. That has not been the case on the 2155 - still has the original belts from '97. The 2155 has a 15HP engine that feels like an 18HP. It has gobs of pull, rarely slows in tall grass and can tow large loads with no complaint. The HDS2155 also comes with "Cruise Control" - a feature that generates a chuckle considering it's a lawn mower. But this can be a God-send on those large mowing jobs! The only thing lacking on the 1998 model was a cup holder - again handy for those large jobs. It was either 1999 or 2000 that they moved the Cruise lever to under the steeing column and replaced the lever with a cup holder! So if you are looking at a later year, you get one! I highly recommend Cub Cadet over John Deere or even the other MTD brands. You can go to Home Depot or Lowe's and get MTD parts that work great (for less than a Cub Cadet shop will charge you) and you get the added rigidity and ability of the Cub's standards. Take care of it and it'll last you a very long time - look at my '69! It never had any major work done to it and lasted almost 30 years!!! And I still got $200 on trade for the new mower! Talk about ROI!
Pluses: The bagger option doesn't fit as exactly as I'd like over the grass exhaust. Doesn't seem OEM. Minuses: The bagger option doesn''t fit as exactly as I''d like over the grass exhaust. Doesn''t seem OEM.
Suggestions: Provide a bagger option with a spout that fits better to the grass exhaust on the mower deck. Suggestions: Provide an override mechanism for the auto-cutoff switch under the seat cushion.

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