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Reviews & Ratings for Frigidaire Gallery in Dishwasher
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Company: Frigidaire Model: Gallery
Title: Quietest dishwasher Year: 1999
Rating (1=Low : 5=High): 5
Review: This is the best of about 10 dishwashers I have used. It is so quiet my family does not realize it is on and they open it to put dishes in. It has no spray arm in the middle of the bottom to hinder loading. It has many cycles to choose from. It has space for tall items in both racks because it does not have that panel in the front below the door. The door and capacity go almost to the floor. It has a forced air cycle at the end to circulate the air over the hot dishes which helps dry them without having the heating element on, so it saves electricity. It uses very little water. It has a window that tells what cycle it is in, and a light indicating when dishes may still be added and be cleaned properly.
Pluses: It has a very large height capacity on both racks. 10 qt. cooker on bottom & 32 oz. glasses on top. Minuses:
Suggestions: Less expensive Suggestions: Stainless steel interior

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