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Review/Rating Sampler
Vacuum Cleaner Review Hoover Wind Tunnel Upright -- Dog hair, begone!
Miele Canister W Turbo Vacuum Cleaner Rating -- Great vacuum
Hoover Windtunnel U5460 900 -- Hoover upright WindTunnel U5460-900
Kenmore Progressive -- Kenmore progressive canister vacuum rocks!
American Harvest Jet Stream Oven -- Amerian Harvest/Nesco Jet Stream Oven
Euro Pro Shark Cordless Hand Vacuum Deluxe -- Euro-Pro Shark - EXCELLENT product for home use!
Kirby G Six -- FABOULUS ! THE BEST !
Kenmore Progressive Powermate -- Kenmore Progressive Cannister vac
Bissell Powerglide -- Excellent machine for the money.
Miele Solaris Electro Plus -- unbelievable
Hoover Windtunnel Canister -- Great Vacuum
Dyson Upright Animal -- Dyson Upright Animal model vacuum
Sebo Automatic X1 -- Nice upright, could use a little more suction.
Delonghi Rapido -- Delonghi Rapido Electric Room Heater - 2003
Sobo -- I love this pretty white sweeper!
Ricar Upright Vacuum Cleaner Review -- Riccar Vacuum
Kirby Generation 6 Vacuum Cleaner Rating -- KIRBY HOMECARE SYSTEM
Oreck Xl Basic Model -- Oreck Vacuum Cleaner
Thermax -- Thermax water filtration vacuum
Eureka 4481b 1 -- I love my vacuum
Simplicity -- Vacuum cleaner for every mom
Shark Infinity -- Best vac ever
Panasonic Mc V5238 -- Panasonic MC-V5238 Vacum Cleaner
Kitchen Aid 4 1 2 Qt -- Quality Mixer
Kenmore Progressive (intuition) -- Top-of-the-line Kenmore vacuum cleaner
Sharp Ect 5980 -- From Sharp Minds come Vacuum Cleaners???
Kirby Ultimate G Series -- the "ultimate" vacuum- kirbys new ultimate g series
Hoover V2 Bagless Vacuum -- Vacuum cleaner
Black And Decker Floorbuster -- Considering it's battery powered, if you keep it clean it's a pretty good sweeper !
Hoover 5640 Vacuum Cleaner Review -- Central Vacuum systemt
Vacuum Cleaner Rating Dyson -- Want a Great Vacuum Cleaner, Buy a Dyson
Logos Riccar 8995 -- No joke, the best vacuum ever!
Rexair Rainbow -- Rainbow vacuum cleaner
Hoover Windtunnel U6445 900 Mach 69 -- Hoover WindTunnel Vacuum (Self Propelled)
Oreck Xl -- I love my Oreck!
Electrolux Gardian -- The best money can buy, and cheap concidering the full 25 year warranty -labor and parts-
Hoover Windtunnel Ultra -- Hoover Windtunnel Ultra
Hamilton Beach -- Hamilton Beach Grill
Eureka 570 -- A Very Handy Bagless Cordless Vacuum Cleaner
Oreck -- Oreck is A-Okay
Steam Buggy -- Steam Buggy
Kirby G5 -- Kirby kicks @$$
Miele Solution 500 -- Excellent vacuum cleaner
Kirby Gsix -- My Kirby
Eureka Envirosteamer Vacuum Cleaner Review -- I love my Envirosteamer!
Vacuum Cleaner Rating Oreck Xl (green Commercial) -- Oreck Vacuum the best
Kirby Vacuum The Ultamate Generation -- Built to last a life time
Sebo Upright -- Sebo upright vacuum cleaner
Hoover Windtunnel Bagless Upright Hepa 2 Chamber -- It picks up pet hair wonderfully
Hoover Floormate -- Nice but cheap
Sears Kenmore Progressive Canister Vacuum 02022613000 -- This Canister Vacuum by Sears rated #1 in 1993 Consumer Reports Buying Guide
Hoover Staem Vac Dual V -- carpet cleaning machine
Sebo X4 -- Sebo X4--Super Vac
Serta Mattress Latex Foam Mattress -- Serta does NOT make the best mattress in the world!!!!
Eureka Whirlwind Litespeed -- Great vacuum!
Tillia Foodsaver Vac 550 -- make room on the counter for this one!
Hoover Windtunnel -- Hoover Windtunnel is all that it claims to be!
Kirby Ultimate G -- I'm impressed
Roomba Discovery -- Love my Roomba Robotic Vacuum
Vacuum Cleaner Review Rainbow -- Rainbow Vacumm
Kriby Generation 3 Vacuum Cleaner Rating -- A good, solid well build vacuum with plenty of power (even if it is a bit over priced).
Oreck Xl2600 -- Oreck vacuum Cleaner
Miele Solaris Turbo Plus -- Best vacuum!
Miele Solaris -- Best vacuum!
Hoover Wind Tunnel Self Propelled -- Hoover Wind Tunnel Self Propelled Bagless - really sucks the dirt out
Hoover Windtunnel Self Propelled -- Hoover Wind Tunnel not as good as Consumer Reports indicates.
Hoover Bagless Upright -- BAGLESS UPRIGHT PRAISE
Vitamix Super 5000 -- Vitamix
Lindhaus Dp 5 -- Well worth the extra money
Protor Silex -- Quick & Easy
Black And Decker Smart Brew Deluxe -- coffe machine
Filter Queen Majestic Defender -- MY FILTER QUEEN KICKED MY RAINBOWS ASS
Euro Pro 3005 -- A great Little Canister Cleaner
Delonghi -- Deep Fryer (rotating basket)
Hayden Sv90 Vacuum Cleaner Review -- Wow what a Vacuum!
Vacuum Cleaner Rating Dyson -- Unbelievable product
Dyson Ds 07 -- this vacuum sucks--in a good way
Hoover Linx Stick Bh5001 -- handy, lightweight vacuum
Kirby Gen4 -- A great product, but way over priced.
Panasonic Mc 9420 -- Panasonic Vacuum MC-9420 - takes a lickin', keeps on tickin'.
Kirby Generation 4 -- Expensive but problem free
Rainbow E -- Rainbow Cleaning System - I Love Mine
Thermax -- REAL Cleaning System
Eureka -- Eureka true hepa whirlwind vacuum cleaner with bagless cyclonic system
Rainbow -- Rainbow vacuum cleaner
Phantom Fury Upright Style -- Positive review

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