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Review/Rating Sampler
Thompson(proscan) Ps20112 Standard Televisions Review -- Smallest surround sound set
Toshiba 36" Standard Televisions Rating -- Excellent television for movies
JVC Av 32d502 -- JVC 32 inch TV
Toshiba 43a10 -- Excellant Big Screen TV at a decent cost
Mitsubishi 40 In -- Love the TV But ! ! !
Proscan 36in -- 36inch proscan
Sony Trinitron 35 -- 35'' Sony trinitron
Sony Trinitron -- Flat Screen Rules
Daewoo Dtq 20u6sc -- Great flat screen for small amount of money
Konka 68cm -- Konka 68cm Television
Sony Xmb25 -- Sony TV
Sony Wega 27" -- Wonderful television
Panasonic Ct27sx32 -- Great value!
Rca -- RCA Television w/guide plus feature
Sony -- Sony 27" TV
Sony Kv 27fs100 Standard Televisions Review -- Great TV!
Toshiba 27a44 Standard Televisions Rating -- Toshiba 27" color television
Panasonic Av 28wr2ek -- Panasonic 28" Widescreen tv AV 28WR2EK
Sony Trinitron -- Dependability
Sanyo 21 -- A good deal for Sanyo
Proscan Ps50700 -- Check it out
Samsung -- 27" TV
JVC -- 1999 27inch JVC P-in-P
Mitsubishi -- 35 inch TV
JVC 32 Inch -- Still "cool" even after two years...
Sanyo Vhr 8638 -- vcr
Sumsung 19" -- Samsung warranties suck
Sony Videoscope -- Sony 53" Projection TV
Sony 41" Big Screen -- Can't tell its a projection screen
Phillips Standard Televisions Review -- Philips 25" TV/VCR combo
Hitachi Super Ultra Vision Sb61 Standard Televisions Rating -- The best bang for the buck
Panasonic Ct27g14 -- fair tv if you get it on sale
JVC -- JVC Televison
Toshiba 27" Cinima Series -- Toshiba 27' cinima series
Sony Kv 2080r -- Sony Triniton 20" TV/Monitor #KV-2080R
Sony Kv27v20 -- SONY has the best picture tube on the market
Philips Magnovox -- one to buy
Sony Kp53v80 -- Sony Projection TV
JVC -- jvc televisions
RCA 25" -- 25" RCA Television
Sony -- Sony trinitron
Panasonic -- Panasonic 32" TV
Sony -- Nothing beats a Sony
Standard Televisions Review Toshiba 36a50 -- Wow!!
Toshiba 36" Standard Televisions Rating -- Wow!!
JVC Av 201 -- Best TV Short of a Wega
JVC -- Best TV Short of a Wega
JVC 9500s Svhs Vcr -- 9500s svhs vcr
Phillips Magnavox -- 25" color Phillips Magnavox TV
Sony -- 32" TV
Sony Wega Xbr200 -- Sony Wega
Lxi Squareview 26 -- Sears LXI worth a look
Sony Kbr27 -- Keeps on performing
Samsung -- Samsung TV/VCR combo
Sanyo 27" -- television
Samsung -- grt your money's worth
Sony Trinitron -- great picture...but it didn't last very long
Toshiba -- Good deal
Standard Televisions Review Jensen 29" -- Jensen 29" TV
Standard Televisions Rating Sony 13" Flat Screen -- Sony 13" Flat Screen Television
Rca 27 Flat Screen -- Best for the $
Sony Console -- I've had good luck
JVC -- Best picture by far
Mitsubishi 52" Tv -- Big Screen TV
Zenith -- Zenith 25"
Sanyo -- Sanyo TV
Samsung -- Samsung makes really good TV's for the price
Mitsubishi 40 -- Best large screen TV
RCA 19" And 13" -- Hooray for RCA
Sony 32" Trinitron -- Sony 32" Trinitron TV
Toshiba Cn32h95 -- 32 inch Television
Hitachi 60sbx72b -- television control lockup
RCA Standard Televisions Review -- RCA makes a great TV
Hitachi Ultravision Standard Televisions Rating -- Ultravision = Ultrasatisfied
Sony -- great deal
Mitsubishi 35 Inch Console -- Mitsubishi television
Phillips -- 32 inch television
Toshiba Cz36v51 -- Toshiba 36-Inch FST Blackr Invar SuperTUBE (Model # CZ36V51)
Direct Tv -- Direc t tv ... alternative to cable
Sony Wega 32fs10 -- best flat screen on the market
Sony Wega Kv 20fv12 -- Great Picture for a great price
Sony 32 Inch Wega -- Wega Flat Screen TV
Toshiba Mv20fk3 -- Toshiba MV20FK3
Phillips Magnavox -- Great Little TV!

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