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Review/Rating Sampler
IBM/Compatible Review Dell Lattitude -- Dell Lattitude fast but screen and keyboard need polish
IBM/Compatible Rating E Machine -- Read All Dates On Thoses Rebates-Don't Be Late Sending In A Rebate.
Dell Dimension 4400 -- Dell Dimension
Cyberpower Systems -- Cyberpower makes great build to order computers
Vpr Matrix -- High Quality, High Upgradability
Microtek C893 -- Mictotec C893 LCD monitor
Dell Poweredge 1400sc -- Dell poweredge 1400SC computer
Dell -- Very Satisfied
Emachines T2482 -- Emachines - good price - moderate quality
Gateway 2500 Laptop -- laptop computers
IBM Thinkpad 380d -- IBM Thinkpad 380D
CTX 700 -- nice cheap notebook computer
Hewlett Packard 4445 -- HP 4445 / HP 4200
Compaq Presario -- Compaq Presario 4814 PC review
Dell Xps R350 -- The problem with OEM cards in DELL & GATEWAY PCs ....
IBM/Compatible Review IBM Aptiva 2170 190 -- A lotta' punch in a little package
Gateway G6 233 IBM/Compatible Rating -- Gateway 2000: The BMW of personal computers
Midwest Micro Ibm 120 -- Computer Purchase
Sony Pcv220 -- Sony's lack of support
Home Made -- Built my own -- great!
Dell Dimension -- Dell Refurbished Computers Are a Good Deal if You Are Choosy
Palm Palm Iiix -- PDA Palm IIIx
Compaq 5900z -- Compaq 5900z
Compaq 5284 -- COMPAQ AND ME
Hewlett Packard 6540c -- potiential power problems
Dell Dimension Xps P200s -- My First Pentium
IBM Thinkpad 570 -- it's really expensive, but really good
Gateway Computers -- Buying a computer by phone - Gateway
Handspring Visor Deluxe -- Handspring Visor Deluxe
Lexmark 3200 Color Jetprinter -- PRINTING STARTED
IBM/Compatible Review Dell -- Dell Computers
IBM/Compatible Rating Hewlett Packard 2000cxi -- Hewlett Packard Printer
Hewlett Packard 8760c -- HP 8760C Desktop
Micron Computer Millennia Max Gs -- Micron service is so-so
Peoplepc -- PeoplePC provides a quality product and excellent customer service
Dell Precision 210 Workstation -- Okay overall, but limited expandability
Dell 4100 -- Nice Machine - Dicey Service
Dekk Dimension -- dell is great
IBM Aptiva -- IBM Aptiva computer review
Dell -- Dell computer
Dell 4100 -- Dell customer service disappointment
Dell Dimension Xps -- Reliability
Dell Dimension 4550 -- Good product and service
Abit Th7ii Raid -- Speed Demon
Bpi 2350 -- Dell Computer
Dell Dimension 8250 IBM/Compatible Review -- Dell Dimension 8250 Great Computer!
Dell Dimension IBM/Compatible Rating -- Dell Dimension
Compaq -- Compaq vs Clone
Dell Dimension 4550 -- Happy with my Dell Dimension 4550
Hewlett Packard Pavilion 8766c -- HP Pavilion 8766C
Dell 5100 -- Dell PC service agreement/warrantee
Dell Xt500 -- Dell Does it Again
Hewlett Packard Hp 8390 -- HP Pavilion 8390
Acer Aspire -- Acer Aspire Tower PC
Gateway 2000 Solo -- My Gateway Laptop
Generic -- Go generic, you will never regret your purchase
Axis Systems Pentium Ii 300 Mhz -- Under $1,000 desktop, excellent components, reliable and immediate customer support
Micron Millennia -- What a screamer
Dell -- Looking for a new Computer? Can't decide? Give Dell a try.
Hewlett Packard 6330 Pavilion -- HP Pavilion Computer
IBM/Compatible Review Dell -- Dell Computer Systems
IBM/Compatible Rating Dell Optiplex GX1 -- Dell Optiplex GX1 450MHz Pentium PC
Eurocom 8500c -- Eurocom notebook - excellent value!
Gateway Pentium Ii -- Gateway Computers live up to their reputation
Gateway All -- Gateway compares well
Dell V400c -- dell computer celeron chip
Compaq Compaq Presario Pentium Iii 600 Mhz -- Compaq Tech Support for Best Buy Build-Your-Own
Domino Computers -- Build it your way with Domino!
Cyberpower -- Computer purchase via Internet
Dell Dell Dimension Xps T500mhz Pentium Iii -- Poor customer service
Fujitsu Lifebook C350 -- Fujitsu laptops--affordable workhorses
Nec Ready 7022 -- NEC Ready 7022
Gateway Performance 500 -- Gateway Performance 500
Dell Xps T 600r -- Dell XPS T 600r Pentium III
Gateway Ev700 -- Gateway Computers
Casio Cassiopeia E 115 IBM/Compatible Review -- Casio Cassiopeia E-115 Color PocketPC
IBM/Compatible Rating Dell -- Why buy Dell??
Hewlett Packard Pavilion 8756c -- Good Value
Dell 133xps -- Dell - Troublefree Computing
Dell Dimesion 4100 -- Great computer with operating system glitches
Dell -- Dell Computers
Dell Dimension 8100 -- Dell Dimension 8100
Hewlett Packard Hp7940 -- HP 7940 COMPUTER
Hewlett Packard Pavilion 4440 -- Hewlett Packard 4440
Dell Inspiron 5000 -- Dell's Superior Customer Satisfaction
Hewlett Packard Pavilion -- HP Pavilion computer

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