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Review/Rating Sampler
PDA's and Handheld Computers Review Handspring Visor Deluxe -- Handspring Visor Deluxe
PDA's and Handheld Computers Rating Handspring Delux -- Handspring Delux
Handspring Visor Deluxe -- Handspring Visor Deluxe
Handspring Deluxe -- Visor has organized my life
Dell Latitude Cpi 366xt -- Dell Latitude CPi 366xt
Hewlet Packard 548 -- one great color PDA
Handspring Treo -- Handspring Treo Delivers
Handspring Visor Platinum -- A reliable PDA, but a little slow
Handspring Neo Visor -- Handspring PDA
Compaq Ipaq -- Ipaq's are great
Palm M125 -- palm m125
Palm M500 -- terrific device
Palm M130 -- Palm M130 why anything else
Palm M130 -- Palm M130
Handspring Visor Platinum -- Handspring Visor Platinum
PDA's and Handheld Computers Review Compaq Ipaq 3660 -- Compaq Ipaq 3660
Handspring Treo 300 PDA's and Handheld Computers Rating -- Handspring Treo 300
Palm M500 -- Palm Pilot
Dell Axim -- Axiom is great!
Palm M515 -- Palm m515
Handspring Treo 270 -- Very worth the money
Handspring Treo 270 -- Handspring Treo 270 PDA/Mobile Phone
Sony Peg Tg50 U -- Sony PEG-TG50 PDA
Handspring Visor Deluxe -- Easy to use Handspring PDA
Palm Tungsten T -- Tungsten T - Generally Good
Sony Peg N760c -- good unit in the used market
Sony Clie Sj22 -- sony clie
Sony Clie Tj35 -- Clie TJ35
Palm Tungsten E -- Very Nice Entry Model
Hp Jornada 720 -- Jornada 720--PDA meets laptop
PDA's and Handheld Computers Review Hp Ipaq 3975 -- Great Pocket PC
Palm Tungsten E PDA's and Handheld Computers Rating -- Palm Pilot Tungsten E
Garmin Ique 3600 -- Palm Pilot and GPS
Palm -- Palm Handheld Computers
Compaq H3955 -- Very good pda !
Sony Peg Sj30 U -- PDA, best value for basic tasks
Toshiba Pocket Pc E310 -- Great Pocket PC
Psion Series 5 -- Psion 5
Handspring Visor Deluxe -- The Handspring Visor Deluxe
Visor 8kb -- PDA - Visor
Palm Iiic -- Third Party software
Palm Vx -- Palm Vx
Palm 3x -- Excellent usuabilty
Casio E 105 -- E-105
Palm Vx -- Palm Vx
PDA's and Handheld Computers Review Handspring Visor Delux -- Handspring, WOW!
PDA's and Handheld Computers Rating Palm Tungsten T|3 -- Great workhorse of a PDA!! Definitely recommend!!
Hp 728 -- Jornada 728
Handera 330 -- Handera 330: Power user palm device
Visor Handspring -- Didn't want to but Glad I did
Handspring Visor Prism -- Handspring Visor Prism
Compaq 3765 -- Compaq 3765
Handspring Deluxe -- Handspring PDA
Sony Clie Peg300 -- Sony CLie PEG300
Palm M505 -- Solid PDA
Franklin Ebm 911 -- Franklin eBookMan EBM-911
Compaq Ipaq -- iPAQ 3835
Palm M500 -- How did I get along without it?
Palm Palm Iiic -- Palm IIc Handheld
Sony Peg T665c -- PDS's in Health Care
Asus L3800 PDA's and Handheld Computers Review -- Awesome Laptop
Palm Tungsten PDA's and Handheld Computers Rating -- Price dropping too fast
Sony Clie Tj27 -- GOOD PDA
Palm Zire 71 -- Great little palm
Sony Clie Peg S320 -- A Great Little PDA for the Price
Palm M100 -- Easy to Use Palm
Sony Clie Tg50 -- Sony Clie TG50
Sony Clie Peg Nx 60 -- Hand held organizer for medical use
Palm M515 -- Palm m515
Palm Tungsten T3 -- This PDA can replace a laptop!
Palm Zire 71 -- Palm Zire 71
Rim Blackberry 7230 -- Best little PDA
Dell Aximx3i -- Axim x3i Great product but wireless sketchy. Wish it was bluetooth enabled
Palmone T2 -- Palm T3
Sony Clie Nr70 -- Sony Clie PDA
Palm Tungsten E PDA's and Handheld Computers Review -- Quality at at price
PDA's and Handheld Computers Rating 3com Palmpilot Iiix -- Personal Digital Assistants (PDAs)
3com Palm Pilot Iiix -- I love my Palm pilot
Compaq Aero -- Compaq Aero Hand Held Device
Palm Iiic -- PDA is best electronic buy I have made in 10 years!
Palm M100 -- Palm m 100 is great
3comm Palm3e -- Great Palm for a great price

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