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Review/Rating Sampler
Alvarez Guitars Review -- Alvarez Grand Concert Classical (cut-away)
Guitars Rating Cf Martinandco D 1 -- It sings better every day!
Lowden -- Popped the bridge
Martin -- Best guitars, ever
Martin Backpacker -- Martin Backpacker - Small on size, big on sound
Crafter Solidtop -- Crafter Solidtop Guitar
Takamine Eg335sc -- Takamine EG335SC 12-string Electric/Acoustic
Taylor -- Taylors are worth the price
Martin D35 -- Perfect out of the box
Takamine En 10c(an) -- Takamine EN-10C(AN) Revue
Fender Japan Jaguar -- fender japan jaguar 2002
Rainsong -- Rainsong: A unique a wonderful instrument
Martin D1 -- Martin D1 - Awesome!!
Martin D28 -- Martin D-28 Guitar
Parker Guitars Fly Classic -- Parker Fly Classic Electric Guitar
Fender 50th Annivers Golden Stratocaster Guitars Review -- 50th anniversary Golden Stratocaster(MIM)
Fender Gd 47sce Guitars Rating -- Fender GD 47SCE acoustic
Ovation Adamas 1910 -- Adamas Guitar
Martin D 15 -- acoustic guitar
Guild Guild -- Love it.
Heritage H 157 -- Heritage Les Paul H-157
Fender Stratocaster -- Fender Stratocaster assembled in Mexico of U.S. parts
Fernandes Monterey -- Fernades Monterey Electric Guitar
Gibson Chet Atkins Sst -- gibson chet atkins sst
Yamaha Bbn4 Bass Guitar -- Yamaha BBN4 Bass Guitar: Fender Jazz Sound On A Budget
Lonestar Houstan -- I bought a Lonestar Houston Guitar and....
Heritage H150 Cm -- Heritage "Les Paul"
Danelectro U2 -- Danelectro reissue guitar
Taylor 912 -- Expensive, but nice ( I bought it used )
Yamaha Ll 500 -- Yamaha LL-500 aucustic guitar
Guitars Review Galveston Acoustic Electric -- Galveston acoustic/electric guitar
Ibanez Js1000 Guitars Rating -- ibanez guitars
Ovation Custom Balladeer -- Great guitar
None -- Yamaha
Roland V Drums Pro -- V Drums Rock
Warwick Thumb 5 [neck Through ] -- A PRO BASSIST DREAM
Fender -- Fender Mexican Stratocaster
Taylor 414 Mace -- taylor guitars
Ibanez Acoustic Electric Cutaway Aw Series -- very decent guitar
Fender Super 60 -- Fender Super 60 Guitar Amp
Alembic 5 String Bass -- is there any other?
Yamaha -- Yamaha bass
Martin D 41 -- Martin D-41 Dreadnaught Acoustic Guitar
Ibanez Gio -- guitar review
Aria -- student classical guitar- Aria
Yamaha C 40 Guitars Review -- Best Guitar for the money I have ever seen!
Fender Toronado Guitars Rating -- Fender Toronado
Martin Dc 16rgte -- Great guitar for the poor performer
Ovation -- Ovation Acoustic uitar
Fernandez 4 String Bass Guitar -- Fernandez Bass Guitar
Fender Dg 16 -- Excellent Cheap Guitar
Taylor 914 -- Taylor 914c
Lag Roxanne -- Lag Roxanne
Cort G Series -- Cort electric guitars
Dean Entertainer Blk -- Dean Accoustic w/ built in pick-up
First Act First Act Guitar -- Child's first guitar
Prs Cu24 -- PRS custom24 Vintage Yellow
Squier (by Fender) Stratocaster -- excellent guitar at a great price
Taylor 810 -- AWESOME guitar
Martin Backpacker Steel String -- Realistic expectations = A good experience!
Guitars Review Fender Re Issue 69 Tele Thinline -- re-issue of 1969 telecaster thinline
Alvarez Guitars Rating -- Recommend Alvarez Regent
Martin D M1 -- Martin entry level guitars
Tyler -- awesome guitar
Martin Hd28 -- I love my HD28 Martin
Fender 52 Reissue Telecaster -- Fender Vintage '52 reissue Telecaster
Yamaha -- Yamaha Guitars....Of coarse the best mid priced guitar.
Martin -- Martin 000-28EC (Eric Clapton Signature) Guitar
Gibson Es 335 -- The Gibson ES-335
Larrivee D 03r -- Larrivee D03R
Ibanez -- Solid, reliable bass
Washburn -- acoustic guitar(black)
Washburn -- acoustic guitar(black)
Yamaha Fg 512 -- Yamaha FG-512
Martin Dc 1 Guitars Review -- Fantastic
Guitars Rating Parker Guitars Nitefly -- You get what you pay for
Fc Martin And Hd 28 -- Martin Guitars Still Got It
Seagull S6 -- Guitars under $500.00
Aria Aria Pro 2 -- Aria pro-2
Hagstrom Les Paul Shape -- hagstrom guitars
Martin D 28 -- A Classic
Cort -- Great guitar for not a lot of money
Carvin Lb75 -- Carvin Bass Guitar
Collings Clarence White -- Possibly the best Dreadnaught ever made
Peavey Foundation -- Thoughts of the Peavey Foundation Bass
Fender Stratocaster -- Great guitar for people who like tuna salad

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